This course is about getting serious on the C6th tuning and learning to play some legitimate blues and swing scales along with chord progressions. This course takes up where the C6th Workshop left off. This part deals with the single not “pockets” we use all over the neck to play against all sorts of chords in swing tunes. You will learn to see the pockets and how to move them around as the chords change in the tune. Tricky camera work lets you see the pockets melt from one chord into another the way you will to see them for yourself with a lot of practice. Part two deals with 3,4,5,and 6 chord progressions that you have to play any time you play C6th blues or swing things. This course has large, unfolding charts showing you the single note pockets like maps of the fretboard. You can’t miss with this line of instruction! Jeff makes a seemingly hard subject look easy in this course.

Two hours of DVD, tab book and rhythm tracks on CD.

C6th & Swinging Part One


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