This is a DVD about the Peavey steel guitar products. Peavey Now is an information-filled two hours with Jeff Newman showing you how to set the tone controls for Peavey amps like the Nashville 400, Vegas 400, Session 400, Session 2000, and the Nashville 1000. You will find out how to start setting up these amps to get a good tone and how other players set them up and even how they hook them up. He then goes through each effects unit like the Profex II, Tubefex, as well as the Transtubefex. Jeff shows you how to set them up, operate them, and even how to reprogram them to suit your taste.

   Jeff has Mike Brown from the Peavey factory featured to provide information about what each amp does, individual tone controls, and how to use them to you best advantage. Mike goes through every aspect of each amp showing you not only what they do but what to do with them as well, all in great detail. 

   If you have a Peavey Steel Guitar Amp of any kind and have questions about how to set the controls or how to set them up in the first place this DVD should solve a lot of problems for you. 

Peavey Now

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