As any dictionary might be, this is just a DVD rather than a book, about where all the chords are located on the 10-string, E9th tuning using the basic three floor pedals and three or four knee levers. Jeff gives you all the positions for each chord, what pedals to use, what strings to play and how  you might see these chords happen in a chord progression. A book would only give you the place or the notes of a chord, Jeff gives you the sound of it and you might hear it used in a song. Major, Minor, Sevenths, Augmented, Diminished, Major Sevenths, Minor Sevenths, 6ths, 9ths, 13ths, 11ths, suspended 4ths, raised 9s and the substitution chords you can use instead of the actual chords. If there are any shortcut methods to remembering where these are, Jeff shows you what they are.

This DVD course could save you years of music theory and searching for chords! 

The E9th Chord Dictionary


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