Two parts now all in one book! The first part gives all the positions for the minor chords on the 10- string, E9th tuning using three floor and three knee lever setup of the normal configuration. Jeff shows you all the ways you can get any minor chord, then how to play the single note and harmony scales for the minor chords. He then shows you how to play the substitute chords for the minors. Introduction to the Nashville Number System and how it works with minor chords. This should show any level of player how to deal with minor chords in any song. The second part is a speed picking course, a chord progression course and an improvisation class all in one. Jeff shows you how to play Foggy Mountain Breakdown and improvise through the minor chords parts, how to substitute minor chord scales for major chord scales and how to learn some speed picking licks for this instrumental. Jeff shows you many of the standard chord progressions that use minor chord, how to spot them all sorts of ways.

Four hours of DVD, tab book and rhythm tracks on CD.

The Minor Chord Connection


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