The Science of Pedal Steel Guitar

A history and guide to our Up From The Top courses.

Several years ago, we started the

Up from the Top video series with the

A&B version. It was quite a hit with

Hundreds of players. since then we

Have steadily worked on making this

Course a true step by step course

That will take you through all the

Right things you’ll need to know in

The right order. our view of a pedal

Steel guitar course is that of teaching

You to understand the real basics of

The E9th tuning and what the A&B

Pedals really do…first.


That was why we started this course with the four-hour version

using just the A&B pedals and nothing more.

This course gives you the right foundation for understanding

how the E9th tuning came about to start with. This course gives you all the right licks and scales that got us playing pedals back 50 years ago.

Learning the basics of what the A&B do is a must!

You must be good at playing what you can with these pedals and nothing more.

It is a matter of learning to walk before you can run. This course gives you some

great phrases (licks) and how to use them as fillers with a singer along with the band. You learn the difference between a major chord phrase and a seventh chord

phrase. You learn there is time to get out. You also learn that it is a science and not a mystery. We followed that A&B pedal version with the two-hour course showing you how to use the knee lever which lowers the 4th and 8th string E’s to E flat. We call it “D” Lever. Some call it the “E” lever, it doesn’t matter what you call it, just as long as you know how to use it. The “D” lever was the first knee lever to be invented for the E9th tuning. This course shows you how it was intended to be used, in melody lines and phrases. The “D” lever gave us the ability to invent scales all over the neck that slide and gliss. When you tie the A&B pedals in with the “D” lever, You have some of the best pedal steel guitar imaginable! If you have a normal guitar built within the last 30 years, you have the "F” lever along with the “D” lever on your guitar. This lever is probably the least understood of all. The “F” lever raises the 4th and 8th string E’s to F. This change gives you all the sorts of scales, licks/phrases and chord progressions that you just don’t want to do without. It makes the sound of pedal steel guitar what it is today. When you can use the “F” lever, along with the “D” lever and the A&B pedals, you can finally see as well as understand where most of theses good lick you hear on records are coming from. These pedals make perfect sense when one learns how to use them in order, with some degree of understanding while doing so.

This series is about learning to play like a pro…from the beginning.

The beginning is the top, not the bottom.

We learn to play up from there.

It’s from the start…the top of every song to the bottom of it!



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